PH-mission-criticalThe International Society of Automation will develop a certification program at five North Carolina colleges as part of a $23 million federal grant to fund two-year degree programs in mission-critical operations. While mission-critical operations encompasses a broad spectrum of career areas, ISA’s new certification program will focus on industrial operations such as automation engineering technology, advanced manufacturing and cybersecurity of industrial control networks.

The grant, administered through the U.S. Department of Labor, is designed to prepare tomorrow’s workforce for high-skill jobs in industrial operations and information technology, particularly those defined as mission critical —“operations requiring round-the-clock supervision of systems” and those “aimed at combating the evolving threat of critical infrastructure operations failure.”

ISA’s Certified Mission-Critical Professional (CMCP) certification program will test graduates based on the skills and body of knowledge taught through new curriculum and degree programs to be established at Cleveland Community College, Wake Technical Community College, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Nash Community College and Moultrie Technical College.