Harper Wins Order for Carbon Fiber Research SystemA carbon fiber company in Asia has awarded a multi-million dollar contract to Harper International, Buffalo, N.Y., for a complete carbon processing line.

Microline incorporates thermal systems such as oxidation ovens, carbonization furnaces and an ultra-high temperature (UHT) furnace system; surface treatment; sizing application; handling equipment; gas treatment; and advanced control systems. The system will be customized to support the client’s advanced fiber-development program for carbon fiber research.

According to the company, the client chose Harper’s technology because its advanced design features enable future scale up of the material more effectively. Harper’s system allows the operator to modify processing parameters during the research and development process. It can be operated with small precursor quantities, allows for maximum manipulation of key process parameters and accommodates a range of line speeds and tow sizes. As a continuous line, the system both enables research efforts and provides a pathway to the next continuous step in the production process.