The electrically heated No. 799 has 60 kW installed in alloy wire high-temperature plug heaters and a type 304 2B-finish stainless steel interior. The inert-atmosphere cabinet oven is used for processing ceramic components prior to assembly. The unit has 12 thick insulated walls composed of 2 of 1900F (1038C) block and 10 of 10-lb density rockwool. The oven, with workspace dimensions of 38 x 38 x 50, is equipped with a solenoid-operated door lock. grieve_IN

It also includes a pressure regulator, flow meter, pressure gauge and internal high-temperature gasket. A 3,000-cfm, 3-hp alloy recirculating blower provides horizontal airflow to the oven, and a 325-cfm cooling blower pulls room air through the air jacket on the inner oven for additional cooling.

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