Features of the stainless steel inline fluid heaters include a non-casted structure, variable flow rates, an expanded wattage range and high-quality electropolished surfaces. Designed using ­thermo/hydrodynamic computer modeling, the Frontier Series can be used in single-pass or recirculating applications for safely heating chemistries such as EKC265, EKC8730, EKC270, ST28, ST26, ACT690C, MEK, NMP and IPA. Constructed of 316L stainless steel, PFA and PTFE wetted surfaces, with a fluid pathway through a circular tubing array, it has a temperature range up to 356¡F (180C) and a pressure range up to 100 psig (689 kPa). Safety features include an insulated housing and a hermetically sealed high-limit thermal cutoff device.processTech_IN

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