A two-component, aluminum-filled epoxy, Aremco-Bond 805 provides excellent adhesion to ­high-temperature plastics as well as glass, ceramic and high-expansion metals. Easily machined, drilled, tapped or polished, it is supplied in premeasured pint, quart, gallon and 5-gallon containers from stock. The high temperature, thermally conductive epoxy system can be used for bonding, potting and molding applications up to 572F (300C). Typical applications include the bonding of heat sinks and fins used in heat exchangers as well as producing vacuum molds, dies, drill jigs and injection molds. It is mixed in a ratio of 10:1 resin-to-activator ratio by weight and cures at room temperature in 24 hours with a final cure at 200F (93C) in two hours.aremco_IN

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