Miura is proud to be noted as the world leader in ultra-low NOX modular on-demand steam solutions. Our steam systems are featured in facilities such as those operated by FujiFilm Hunt Chemicals, who in 2012 chose two EX-200 SGO dual-fuel units from Miura, to meet its goal of energy economy and reduced downtime for its cyclical manufacturing processes.miura_IN

“The Miura boilers manage our ‘peaks and valleys’ very, very well… Our facility runs 24/7, and we anticipate that with redundant Miura EX-200 SGO boilers in place we’ll never have to shut down because of steam issues,”  said Manuel Calero, Maintenance Manager at FujiFilm Hunt Chemicals.

Miura’s modular, on-demand boiler systems offer a unique strategy for optimizing process heating performance founded on precise load matching capabilities, fast response to loads, integrated heat recovery and robust controls/monitoring capabilities. As Miura continues to grow, it hopes to utilize these features in process heating applications all across the globe.


Miura Boiler