The PRC Series of precision meters (PRC10, PRC15, PRC20 and PRC30) enable plant and electrical technicians to test and calibrate a range of process control equipment. This includes transmitters, indicators, sensors, transducers, thermocouples and instrumentation. PRC meters are accurate, have fast response times and can store up to five user-adjustable calibration presets. Each model includes a large, backlit LCD display that allows viewing the source and measured readings at the same time. Applications for PRC meters include process control calibration and simulation, field equipment testing and service, and bench research and development. The PRC10 is a current calibrator/meter; the PRC15 is a current and voltage calibrator/meter; the PRC20 is a thermocouple calibrator; and the PRC30 is a multifunction calibrator/meter that includes all features of the PRC10, PRC15 and PRC20.extech_IN

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