The HTF NPS Series is a line of positive and negative pressure heat transfer oil systems with temperatures up to 400¡F (204¡C). It can be utilized in processes that require positive pressure (no leaks present) or negative pressure (to stop a leak). When a minor circuit leak from stress cracks or bad O-rings can stop operations, the HTF NPS Series can finish the production run without the nuisance of a leak or the costly interruption of a repair. It provides accurate temperature control while creating a negative pressure condition to pull the fluid through the mold, which essentially generates a vacuum to stop the leak and prevents downtime. mokon_IN

Features of the HTF NPS Series include a NEMA-rated electrical enclosure and cULus 508A labeled electrical sub-panel, a microprocessor-based PID controller mounted in operator-friendly orientation, standard hose and pipe connections, and a vertical stainless steel sealless pump. The HTF NPS Series also meets NFPA 79 ­electrical safety standards.