Troubleshoot Melting, Dosing Systems Using QR Code to Access Service
Besides system-specific counseling and the automatic evaluation of error messages, on online database provides descriptions for system-specific OEM spare parts.

Which spare part will improve the efficiency of my system? What does a certain error message mean? Why is there a drop in the efficiency of my system? These and other questions — common reasons why operators of melting and dosing systems seek rapid and system-specific customer — can be answered a bit more quickly thanks to QR codes on one manufacturer’s equipment. The StrikoWestofen Group, Gummersbach, Germany, add a mobile website and retrofit QR codes to all existing systems to allow service technicians to give targeted counseling and system-specific support to its customers.

All new systems will ship with QR codes automatically. StrikoWestofen also will allow customers to transmit system parameters automatically and receive an evaluation of the error messages. Also, users can check for OEM spare parts for a particular system configuration using the mobile system. An online database provides the necessary descriptions of spare parts.

The mobile website can be accessed via any portable device with an Internet connection.