Heated and chilled rolls use heat transfer fluidsHeated and chilled rolls use heat transfer fluids to maintain optimized process temperatures. To better support this integrated relationship, Menges Roller Co., Wauconda, Ill., has inked representation agreements with chillers and temperature control systems manufacturer Delta T Systems Inc., Richfield, Wis., and heat transfer fluid maker Paratherm Corp., West Conshohocken, Pa. The partnerships will support Menges’ line of heat transfer rolls, says the company.

Menges has signed a sole representation contract with Delta T Systems to supply chillers and temperature control units that heat or cool the fluids used in Menges’ liquid-filled heat transfer rollers. Paratherm signed a similar agreement, allowing Menges to offer Paratherm’s line of thermal transfer fluids to the converting sector.

Of the freshly-inked contract to also represent Paratherm, Matthew Menges, president of Menges Roller, says, “We get much of our business from customers with heat transfer rollers that are not working properly because they used the wrong type of heat transfer fluid or didn’t maintain it…. We have a partner here that’s forward thinking and innovative [and] their products work perfectly with ours. We can now offer customers thermal transfer fluids that exactly match their roller and process specifications.”

When using thermal rolls, engineers must calculate the roll dimension and line speed coefficient, work in the heater or chiller data, then try to choose a thermal transfer fluid chemistry that meets their application’s required process temperature. Noting that heat transfer rollers can be difficult to understand, Menges expects the agreements to allow the company to offer a turnkey solution.