A packaging company that produces metal containers for various food products, including maple syrup, needed a curing solution. 

The company constructs its containers by cutting sheet metal and forming it into can shapes. Once shaped, the cans are longitudinally welded, and the weld is spray-coated with a protective lacquer to prevent food contamination. 

Over the years, the company tried several heat sources for curing the lacquer, including RF ovens and foil heaters, but each has proven unsatisfactory in some significant way.

Seeking an infrared solution, the packaging company approached Heraeus Noblelight. After conducting real-world tests, a carbon infrared system from Heraeus was selected and installed at the packaging company.

The new system applies heat from the outside of the container through the weld to the lacquer. According to Heraeus, the system's high degree of controllability means that the heat profile can quickly be adjusted to accommodate different can sizes. The line speed can be adjusted to change the welds  dwell time under the infrared heaters.