Cryogenic System from Preps Metal, Plastic Surfaces Using Carbon Dioxide

The Cryoclean system removes residues from metal and plastic parts and offers advantages over wet parts-cleaning methods.

A waterless, solventless system for cleaning automotive, plastic and other manufactured parts is the focus of a webinar planned for May 15 at 9 a.m. EDT.

The one-hour session will describe how Linde's Cryoclean snow system removes residue and other contaminants from plastic and metal surfaces using a pressurized stream of cryogenic carbon dioxide and microparticles of dry ice. It can be used for surface preparation prior to joining or coating.

According to Linde, system benefits include:

  • Continuous cleaning on-demand.
  • A water-free method, so drying is not required and alkaline wastewater is not produced.
  • Ozone-depleting solvents are not used, and the system is non-flammable and non-VOC.

Linde’s Rolf Heninger will describe the physics and surface dynamics of the cleaning system as well as primary applications in OEM parts manufacturing and finishing. He also will compare Linde's system with other parts cleaning methods, including wet cleaning.

Participants attend at no cost with advance registration. The event will be hosted by Automotive  Manufacturing Solutions (AMS), London. For more information about the parts-cleaning system, contact Linde at 800-755-9277.