Energy service outsourcing allows large facilities to contract out the management of one or more energy functions such as steam, water treatment or compressed air activities. Outsourcing Energy Performance: Its Potential for Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs, a report from the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy, Washington, D.C., describes these services and how industrial facilities can use them. According to ACEEE, although these services have existed for some time, many companies in the industrial sector are not aware of them. The report evaluates outsourcing as a tool for achieving energy-efficiency goals.

According to the report, outsourcing can address all the classic impediments to industrial energy efficiency by providing some combination of capital and expertise to perform common energy functions. How well outsourcing helps a company successfully meet energy goals depends on the details of the outsourcing plan. The report includes interviews with 41 experts both energy users and solution suppliers that show how the early identification of risks and associated contract terms are important to successful outsourcing experiences.

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