Spirax Sarco, Blythewood, S.C., launched a “World’s Oldest Working Steam Boiler Contest” via its SteamNews publication. Submissions for the contest will be accepted through June 1.

Participants are asked to locate the world’s oldest commercially working steam boiler in an industrial or building service setting (no museum displays). The grand prize winner will be awarded a Kindle Paperwhite and mentioned in the July issue of SteamNews. To qualify and enter the contest, subscribe to SteamNews and receive additional details regarding submissions.

The winner will be notified by e-mail on July 1. Spirax Sarco employees, immediate family members or other affiliates are not eligible.

“Steam systems have a reputation for being reliable and robust, working for many years with minimal maintenance. Modern steam systems are many times more efficient than older systems, and Spirax Sarco would like to prove the point by comparing a modern system with a really old one. But first we have to find the oldest one.” said Tracy Britt, marketing communication coordinator, Spirax Sarco.