Custom Electric Manufacturing Co. designs and manufactures original equipment and replacement heating elements for electric thermal processing equipment. The Wixom, Mich.-based company’s products, which are used worldwide in a wide variety of applications, include:

  • Bayonet heating elements.

  • Ribbon and strip heating elements.

  • Plug/rack heating elements.

  • Rod overbend elements and modules.

  • Helical coil heating elements.

  • Tubular and silicon-carbide elements.

  • Immersion heating elements.

  • Elements for temperatures ranging from 200 to 2280°F.

The successful performance of these products in a broad range of applications reflects the experience Custom Electric brings to the marketplace.

Element Design Experience. The Custom Electric element design group has more than 70 years of electric thermal processing experience. It has designed elements for most types of electric heating equipment and most industrial heating applications. Seventy years of problem-solving experience translates to quick solutions for issues related to equipment performance and element replacement downtime.

Element Alloy Experience. Custom Electric fabricates elements from most electric resistance alloys, including high-temperature Fe/Cr/Al alloys. Experience in how these materials perform in different environments enable engineers to recommend alternative alloys. The benefits of upgrading include longer element life and lower thermal processing costs. A large inventory of wire, rod and strip ensures alloys necessary to fill orders are in stock.

Element Manufacturing Ex-peri-ence. Custom Electric has 44 years of element manufacturing experience. Its methods of production are continuously refined to maximize efficiency and enhance quality. Manufacturing and scheduling experience mean emergency orders ship within 48 hours without delaying normal production.

Application Experience. Custom Electric heating elements support dozens of heating applications, including drying, curing, aluminum die casting, heat treating and glass tempering. This IHEA member knows the types of equipment its customers use and the heating processes performed. Custom Electric also visits customer plants to keep current with changing requirements. One result of such visits is expansion of the element repair program. In many instances, damaged elements are returned to service for half the cost of a new element.

Experience-Based Performance. The value of experience is superior heating element performance. Take advantage of Custom Electric’s experience. Talk to Bob Edwards, Vic Strauss or Bob Fouquette today.

“We listen to customers and respond to their needs,” said Edwards, Custom Electric’s president. “This simple approach to business has served the company well. It is why we have a loyal customer base and are able to meet changing customer needs during constantly changing economic cycles.”


For more information on Custom Electric Manufacturing Co., visit, email or call 248-305-7700.


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