A white paper that outlines ways industrial customers can reduce the energy costs of their pumping systems was released by Schneider Electric, Palatine, Ill.

According to research from the Hydraulic Institute and Pump Systems Matter, which is presented in the paper, electrical energy costs can account for 40 percent of the total costs of ownership (TCO) of a pump. The white paper shows how an energy-management plan, which requires a limited investment, can result in a lower TCO for a pumping system. Three steps that should be included in the plan — energy efficiency management, asset management and energy cost management — are discussed in detail in the paper.

Schneider Electric reports that by “following energy-management best practices, an industry can decrease the electrical consumption of its pumping system by at least 30 percent, yielding a 20 percent reduction in TCO and a return on investment within 24 months.”

To download “Three Steps for Reducing Total Cost of Township (TOC) in Pumping Systems,” visit http://altivarprocess.com/water-wastewater.