Carbon Infrared Improves Powder Coating Flexibility and QualityA manufacturer of industrial fasteners has a critical production line that produces metal screws. The heads of the screws are covered with a non-corrosive coating, and heat is required as part of the application process.

The company employed an electric oven, passing the screws through it on a conveyor belt, but this method had a number of drawbacks. The oven required preheating, and extended maintenance of a specific temperature to aid in the powder coating. In addition, the system's continuous operation prevented changing the process to accommodate other sizes and types of materials, rendering the company unable to respond to short-term high demands in production.

The company called upon Heraeus Noblelight, Buford, Ga., and its application engineers to develop a system that solved their problems. A carbon infrared medium-wave curing system with multiple zones provided a high level of control, easy change in power levels, and high efficiency thanks to infrared's quick on/off properties.