Conveyor Drying Theory Seminar Helps Processors Improve Energy Efficiency and Increase Production CapacityBühler Aeroglide will host a drying seminar in Barcelona, Spain, on September 24-26. The seminar is designed to help dryer users recognize the principles and techniques for optimal drying, regardless of the conveyor dryer make or model.

"Conveyor Drying Theory Put to Practice" explores drying basics, including parameters, balancing, evaluating, mechanical inspections and troubleshooting with a dryer simulation. Participants learn how to apply drying theory to enhance the performance of conveyor drying equipment. By learning how to adjust and regulate the process for the desired outcome, attendees can learn how to find hidden areas of opportunity in the drying process.

"Convection conveyor dryers are large consumers of production line energy, and many operate as much as 30 percent below their potential efficiency," says Joe Tordella, manager of field engineering at Bühler Aeroglide, Cary, N.C. "We teach the mechanical functions as well as the principles of drying. Then, attendees are asked to produce a product using the best drying practices."

The three-day-interactive training program includes a hands-on laboratory session as well as training for advanced drying concepts, measurement practices and advanced calculation methods for dryer sizing. To learn more, visit