A medical device manufacturer required metal braid in their process to be cut. Heating the braid to the specific annealing temperature (up to 1472°F [800°C]) prior to cutting relaxes the tension in the wires and allows the cut to be made without unraveling the braid. An infrared system was designed with top and bottom water-cooled lineIR heaters, a mechanical height adjustment, product loading platform and a tinted viewing window for the operator. PrecisionResearch_IN

The built-in, password-protected, PLC-based control system with a digital color touchscreen is used to precisely set the heater power level (0 to 99.9 percent) and cycle heating time (0 to 999 sec). The process is activated from a foot switch for hands-free operation. Water-cooled infrared reflectors ensure operator comfort, long-term reliability and the ability to remove residual heat from the workstation and process.

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