Flanged immersion heaters can be built into tanks, large vats or reservoirs with capacities from 100 to 1 million gal. The 100 percent efficient heaters provide precise, controlled heat that prevents coking or damage to temperature-sensitive material. Its drywell-style element resides inside a pipe or tube, allowing the element to be accessed and removed from outside the tank without needing to drain the tank to service the elements.Processheating_IN

The flanged immersion heater consists of a standard ANSI 150- or 300-pound flange for mounting with the company?s Lo-Density heating elements that spread heat out over a large surface. The flanges are available in sizes ranging from 3 to 36?. Typical materials that benefit from precise, electric, low-watt density heating include asphalt, light and heavy fuel oils, diesel, bio-diesel, glycerin, lube oils, hydraulic fluids, resins, epoxies, animal fats and molasses.

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