With smartphones and multi-gigabyte data plans as ubiquitous as bell bottoms were in the 70s or boom boxes and Sony Walkmans were in the 80s, it is no surprise that video content is in ever-greater demand. What might have once been avoided due to the time it took to download or the bandwidth it consumed is now a primary means of learning and entertainment. I, for one, think it’s great: Who doesn’t love a good cat video? (And more importantly, has there ever been a bad cat video? I think not.)

All joking aside, industrial videos provide a way to see and experience news, equipment, events and products. One resource you may not be aware of but should be is Process Heating’s Industrial News Updates. Produced monthly and posted on our website and our YouTube channel, the brief videos provide a wrapup of some the stories affecting industrial thermal process equipment users and manufacturers. For instance, a recent edition included details on the root causes of a fatal accident at a refinery that resulted from insufficient maintenance, a study that identified industrial dry roasting parameters to help prevent product contamination of peanuts, and information about changes to industrial wireless networking standards. You can find all of our industrial news updates here.

Of course, Process Heating is not the only source for industrial thermal processing video content. While it’s not possible to list every manufacturer or organization producing heat processing related video, here are a few I have checked out:

  • Fluke has produced hundreds of videos about its electronic test tools and software. While some focus on describing new products and their features, many offer practical tips. One example is its “Top five thermal inspection points on a motor.” Presented by Michael Steward with Fluke Thermography, the video begins with a brief text overview of the five points and then shows Steward in the field as he uses thermal imaging to inspect a common electrical motor for issues that might affect energy usage. See Steward’s video and the complete Fluke library here.
  • The Chemical Safety Board produces excellent accident recreations and safety messages as part of its followup to the industrial accidents it investigates. Nearly 50 videos are offered in its YouTube channel, which can be found HERE.
  • Spirax Sarco USA produced a nine-part series, “Inside the Boiler,” for its YouTube channel, along with product demonstration videos and tips on steam traps, direct-steam injection and heat exchangers. View it here.

What about your company? I would love to see video about your thermal processing challenges. So pick up your smartphone and start telling me.

P.S. If you are involved with industrial process cooling as well as heating, you may want to check out video news updates from our sister publication, Process Coolinghere.


Linda Becker, Associate Publisher and Editor,