Model DTI-226-300 was designed to cure brake linings for a Tier 1 automotive supplier. The design of the indexing conveyor oven allows the user to place multiple fixtures across the width of the conveyor belt. The oven then indexes them through four heated zones, eliminating the need to handle the fixtures multiple times throughout the curing process. Each zone is capable of operating at different temperature profiles and includes one electric heater, controlled by SCR, and one circulation fan. The individual zones are separated by pneumatically powered vertical doors that open prior to the indexing of the conveying system and close when the index is complete. DavronTechnologies_IN

This allows each zone to maintain the correct temperature profile. The maximum operating temperature range for each zone is 200 to 500°F (93 to 260°C). The conveyor extends beyond the heated chamber on both the entrance and exit ends to allow product to be loaded and unloaded. The airflow in each zone follows a vertical top-down pattern, ensuring each product receives the proper cure.

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