Utilizing educational resources can help ensure the success and production of industrial businesses such as food processing or pulp and paper. So says Corrosion College, which offers two-day short courses on preventing damage caused by industrial corrosion in December and the new year.

Corrosion College notes that in the food processing and packaging industries, strict regulations to ensure food product safety include the need for proper washdown and equipment cleaning. Yet equipment can corrode quickly due to direct exposure to water and chemicals used during washdowns. If corrosion is found in or near food, inspectors can delay production or shut down a plant. In addition, if undetected or untreated, corrosion can cause early failure of equipment and supporting systems.

Reliable protection against corrosion prolongs the product life of equipment and machinery components, ensuring continued production. The courses provide solutions for preventing industrial corrosion through classroom and hands-on experience.  Additionally, the course grants 15 professional development hours (PDH) to participants upon successful completion.

Courses currently are planned for December 4-6, January 22-24, February 19-21 and April 16-18. To learn more or to register, call 903-843-3461.