Benefits of Thyristors for Process Equipment Highlighted infographic
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Any process using electric heat is an application for thyristor power controls. That point and other reasons to used thyristor power controls in manufacturing applications are illustrated in an infographic produced by CD Automation.

The complexity of manufacturing processes has significantly increased over the last decade with technologies like intelligent automation, robotics and 3D printing. Although new technologies have the potential to make manufacturing more lucrative and energy-efficient, older generations of electrical equipment are still at the heart of the process and essential for those new concepts to operate effectively. One such example is the thyristor power controller, says one executive at CD Automation.

“A thyristor is the most reliable control method when it comes to applications that use large amounts of electrical power,” explains Jez Watson, managing director of CD Automation UK. “The benefits of using a thyristor power controller go beyond reducing waste and energy usage. The equipment allows users to improve process consistency and reliability in very harsh environments.