Mold Maintenance Program for Plastics ProcessorsA dedicated service center established by R&D/Leverage USA can handle component repair for a range of mold and tool types, including injection, injection stretch blow, perform, injection blow, Sidel, Sipa, hot runner manifolds and extrusion. Reverse engineering allows the team to restore the mold to near-OEM conditions.

The two-tiered mold maintenance program delivers time and cost efficiencies for makers of a consumer products whether the mold was made by R&D/Leverage USA or not.

“We have the full service know-how to help with everything from quick emergency repairs to extensive overhauls of a family of molds,” says Brad Wilson, R&D/Leverage's repair account manager. “We handle it all: we ensure that the pack design looks great and is on brand strategy, can be efficiently manufactured, and that tooling and molds are always in top condition.”

Tier One of the program is intended for iconic forms that represent a long-term brand strategy. All components of the finished product, including wear items, are brought back to near-OEM specifications and life expectancy. These components include injection, conditioning, blow and ejection.

Tier Two maintenance represents a solution in cases when the product's shape is expected to change with greater frequency. The finished product is a mold that is ready to go back into production in a shorter time frame than with a full refurbishment and that maintains all quality specifications. Major damage is repaired and common components, ranging from engraving to rebuilding of tapers, are addressed at customer request.

R&D/Leverage USA, headquartered in Missouri, serves the food and beverage, home and personal care, and healthcare industries.