Communication modules for field wireless devices used in plants will be jointly developed by Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd., Kyoto, Japan, and Yokogawa Electric Corp., Sugar Land, Texas. Under the terms of a new partnership agreement, Yokogawa will license its technology to Murata, and Murata will develop the communication modules.WirelessCommunication_IN

The demand for field wireless devices, which can be placed in locations that cannot be accessed by conventional wired devices and cost less to install, is growing. Drivers include the desire to boost productivity and make plants safer as well as a growing need for the collection of more data on plant operations.

Field wireless devices require communication modules that can convert sensor data into signals that conform with specific field wireless protocols for transmission to field wireless networks. Through this alliance, Murata will use Yokogawa’s ISA100 wireless communication module technology to develop wireless communication modules and driver software.

Murata has experience developing wireless communication modules for use in mobile phones, PCs and other devices. Yokogawa has developed a number of technologies for use with ISA100 wireless devices and systems. By making combined use of these technologies, the two companies aim to quickly develop and provide new communication modules to field wireless device and sensor manufacturers.