Too much is riding on the proper operation of industrial process dryers for a business to allow unplanned downtime to enter into the mix. Much of a maintenance program’s effectiveness stems from keeping accurate dryer maintenance records, notes Pittsburgh-based Heyl & Patterson. An effective maintenance record plan includes recording the dryer’s performance and normal operating conditions as well as scheduling (and conducting) dryer inspections and regular preventive maintenance.

In its H&P blog, the company asserts that an effective maintenance record should include:

  • Legal documentation.
  • Operations and maintenance manuals.
  • Drawings.
  • Parts lists.
  • Daily maintenance procedures.
  • Special and emergency maintenance procedures.
  • Safety procedures.
  • Baseline operation record.
  • Operations log.
  • Maintenance log.
  • Lubrication record
  • Annual turnaround procedure.

Learn more about dryer maintenance record planning from Heyl & Patterson here.