A Valmet biomass-fired boiler plant will be added to a new steam heating station in Nokia, Finland, following order by Nokianvirran Energia Oy. The heating station will supply process steam to SCA Hygiene Products' paper mill and Nokian Tyres' factory as well as district heat to Leppäkosken Sähkö's customers. According to Valmet, the investment allows the currently used natural gas to be replaced with more biofuels such as forest residue and wood chips. Peat and sludge from the paper mill may also be used. The installation work is scheduled to start in May with steam production startup scheduled for the following spring.

Valmet's delivery includes a Hybex fluidized bed boiler, the steam value of which is 68 MW, flue-gas cleaning equipment, electrification and Metso DNA automation system. The boiler plant will be built in an existing boiler building, in which a coal-fired boiler delivered by Tampella and in operation since 1963 will be disassembled.

 "Replacing fossil fuels such as natural gas and coal with domestic biofuels is an essential factor in several ongoing energy production projects in Finland. Fuel flexibility is an essential factor in this type of investment decisions. This concerns also the boiler plant that will be delivered to Nokia. The design also takes into consideration a situation in which the boiler needs to be integrated to a steam turbine in order to enable combined electricity and heat production," says Jari Niemelä, Sales Director, Valmet.