An induction system manufactured by Scottsville, N.Y., Ambrell will be used to heat various size copper wires to cure a coating. The end-user needed to heat various sizes of copper wire to 617°F (325°C) at a rate of 32.8' (10 m) per minute.Ambrell_IN

To help optimize the induction heating equipment, the end-user took advantage of Ambrell’s complimentary applications laboratory service. The laboratory engineers recommended the appropriate Ekoheat induction heating system for the temperature and time requirements. Due to the coating curing process, the client wanted a larger inside diameter to provide ample clearance.

The induction heating system provides the end-user with a versatile method of heating an array of copper wires of various diameters within their specifications as a part of their coating curing process. The company was previously using a less powerful induction system and was only getting a run rate of 13.1' (4 m) per minute.