Pipe Grippers Maker Adds Induction Heating SystemsA manufacturer of pipe grippers for the oil and gas industry added two Easyheat 10 kW, 150 to 400 kHz induction heating systems to its manufacturing process. The heating application involves heating two grippers in one coil. Two grippers — steel faces with carbides in place — are placed into the coil. They are heated to 1400°F (760°C) within 90 seconds by the induction heating system from Ambrell, Scottsville, N.Y. The carbides then are pressed into their joints.

The gripper maker validated the efficacy of the induction heating solution at Ambrell’s application testing prior to adding the systems to its line. The company also added Ambrell’s eView temperature monitoring software, a temperature controller and optical pyrometer. The temperature profiling software monitors and tracks part temperature, power, frequency and coil operating parameters.