Flashpoint Management Provides SavingsLight-ends removal kits (LERKs) may help companies that use thermal fluid systems ensure more cost-effective, clean and safe operations. Developed by Global Heat Transfer, the light-ends removal kits are designed in accordance with system size, specifications and oil type. The company offers them in active- and gravity-fed designs.

Light ends — the lower-boiling, volatile thermal oil components generated at high operating temperatures — are a recurring maintenance challenge of heat transfer fluids. They reduce the ignition or flashpoint of thermal fluid. Left unmanaged, light ends can create fire hazards and lead to operational problems such as cavitation in thermal oil pumps.

Global Heat Transfer provides tailored LERKs that are designed in accordance with system size, specifications and oil type. To account for different system layouts, the company supplies, installs and manages both passive LERKs that use gravity to return the oil to the circuit and `active LERKs that employ a frequency-controlled pump. A light end removal kit can be fitted to new or existing heat transfer systems.

The distiller units on the kits are sized to match systems with a thermal oil volume between approximately 500 and 26,000 gal (2,000 and 100,000 liters). The condensators can be air- or water-cooled for systems operating in particularly hot environments. To monitor and manage the operations, the electrical control system can be integrated into the PLC of the thermal oil system.