A paint shop designed to use less water, energy and materials than previous designs is under construction at Volkswagen Poznan Sp.o.o. in Wrzesnia, Poland.

Its general contractor, Dürr, Bietigheim-Bissingen, Germany, is supplying the painting equipment as well as having responsibility for the construction of the building. Dürr will supply the dip tanks for the pretreatment and electro-dip painting areas as well as one primer line, two basecoat and two topcoat lines. The associated spray booths, ovens, conveyor systems, exhaust air purification and work stations are included as part of the build.

The company’s EcoDC MACS will be used for cataphoretic dip coating. The technology uses a modular anode control system to create a guided voltage or current profile parallel to the car body movement in the dip tank. Combined with its power electronics, the concept provides precision current and voltage supply and has a significantly positive effect on both energy demand and coating quality of the car body, according to Dürr. In the paint booths, overspray is separated without any water and chemicals by an energy-efficient paint booth system. The spray booth can be operated with up to 90 percent recirculated air.

The straight-through ovens to be installed in the facility are designed for complex body structures and low exhaust gas temperatures. The exhaust airstreams of all of the ovens will be purified via an integrated thermal oxidizer unit, Dürr’s Ecopure TAR, with heat recovery. The exhaust air then will be recycled for heating the ovens.

The facility is expected to achieve an annual production capacity of up to 100,000 vehicles. The first vehicles will be delivered starting in the second half of 2016.