Alfa Laval, Lund, Sweden, has received two orders in its energy and process segment for industrial cooling equipment.

First, Alfa Laval will supply compact heat exchangers to a power plant in the Middle East. The heat exchangers will be used for cooling in an integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) power plant. IGCC is a technology where coal and other carbon-based fuels are turned into synthesis gas, which is subsequently used to produce steam for power generation. The order has a value of approximately $6.6 million. Delivery is scheduled for this year.

Second, the company will supply air-cooler systems to a natural gas plant in the United States. The air cooler systems will be used to cool the main process streams at the natural gas plant. In the cooling process, natural gas liquids are separated from the gas and then fractionated (distilled) into ethane, propane and butane. The order is worth approximately $10 million, with delivery scheduled for 2015.