A new heat transfer fluid is formulated for closed-loop liquid-phase heating to 650°F (343°C) in fired heaters and 675°F (357°C) in waste-heat recovery and full convection heaters. Paratherm HT from Paratherm, West Conshohocken, Pa., can be used for full-convection heaters the gas processing, plastic and chemical production, waste-oil recovery and biodiesel industries, among others. The heat transfer fluid further expands the temperature for which the company’s heat transfer fluids can be used.

Jim Oetinger, Paratherm director of technology, is credited with developing the new fluid for Paratherm in response to market research. “Partially hydrogenated terphenyl based heat transfer fluids are nothing new; the chemistry is a proven performer. What our research told us is that there is a need for our core services — availability, fast shipment response and in-depth technical support — that is not being met by traditional suppliers.”