When it comes to graphite and all-metal hot zones, a number of questions can arise about the best hot zone for different processes, materials and industries. In a new blog series, Ipsen reviews the advantages and disadvantages of graphite vs. all-metal hot zones for industrial heating equipment.

Each type of hot zone has its own designs and advantages, the company notes in its blog. Graphite is more energy efficient, costs less to replace and, with proper maintenance, can have a longer lifespan. All-metal hot zones have a better leak rate, improved pump-down capabilities and a cleaner working environment with a lower probability of contaminated parts. In the series, Cherry Valley, Ill.-based Ipsen examines the reasons behind the shift to graphite hot zones, as well as identifies three basic questions that can help users choose the best hot zone for their heat-treating furnace. To learn more, visit http://bit.ly/1FbfiTB.

Ipsen’s blog also includes videos, expert tips, throwback photos and resources such as a daily checklist for preventive maintenance.