A provider of temporary power, heating, cooling, and oil-free air compressors, Aggreko was named the preferred rental channel partner for Relevant Solutions LLC, formerly known as Industrial Compressor Services (ICS).

Relevant Solutions LLC specializes in the design and packaging of large centrifugal oil-free air compressors for the rental market. Aggreko’s manufacturing, air separation, petrochemical and refining customers often utilize these types of compressors for permanent utility installations.

Through this strategic partnership, Aggreko’s North American division will expand its fleet size across 60 service centers, providing additional coverage to industries that require large volumes of 100 percent oil-free air as a part of their process. The joint fleet offering gives Aggreko the ability to meet high demand.

“After several years of operating on a project-specific basis, it is gratifying to get a formal agreement in place that allows both of our companies to seamlessly meet the needs of customers,” said Mark Shedd, head of oil-free air compressors for Aggreko, North America.

 Aggreko’s customers are already realizing the benefits of this partnership. The company just completed the installation of 165,000 scfm of oil-free compressed air and 33 MW of power along with associated accessories. The installation will allow a major refiner to replicate the feed air blower for one of its coker units, and support continued daily operations without experiencing costly downtimes.