GEA has reorganized its group structure as part of its “Fit for 2020” initiative. According to the company, it is a fundamental shift both in its internal structure and organization as well as its external customer relations.

Effective immediately, the group has bundled the development and manufacturing of products and the provision of process solutions in two new business areas: equipment and solutions. For GEA’s customers, this means a single national organization per country serves as a central point of contact covering the entire product portfolio and offering all services on a local basis.

The company differentiates the groups as follows:

  • In the Equipment business area, GEA brings together all activities that have standardized and (in part) customer-specific equipment offerings. As a general rule, products are manufactured in large quantities as part of large-scale series production on a standardized and modular basis.
  • In the Solutions business area, GEA brings together all project-based offerings that cover customer-specific and modular solutions. The business areas tailor their products and services to the specific applications and customer requirements.

The most visible indication of the changes is the Group’s new website,