Processors can eliminate belt tracks on the hose or tubing with a preheat shock chamber used between the extruder and belt cure oven. The 4069 chamber uses noncontact infrared heat to provide a skin cure and to lock the shape of the tubing before the cure oven. The chamber includes short-wavelength lamps that are evenly spaced for uniform heating and can handle extrusion diameters up to 3” OD. The chamber is designed with a hinge to ease threading and can be opened manually or automatically. The chamber is water cooled, so it can be used during the full duty cycle and to prevent product damage due to line stoppage. The infrared heater is available mounted on an industrial cart with adjustable height and tilt capability, guide rollers, control system and color touchscreen operator display. A vertical cure tower uses structural aluminum framework and one or two infrared chambers stacked vertically over the extruder head to provide noncontact heating for up to 6’. A precision-driven capstan wheel pulls the tubing through the chamber, and a noncontact thermometer is used to measure extrude temperature. The tower downside has provisions for laser measurement, printing, cutting equipment and space for a variable turntable.

Precision Control Systems Inc. / Research Inc.