Valmet has received two orders for automation technology from Kotkamills Oy in Finland to complement a paper machine conversion project announced in April.

The first new order includes wet end automation solutions for Kotkamills' magazine paper production line PM 2 that will be rebuilt and converted to produce packaging board. The second order includes analyzers and advanced process controls for the pulp mill.

The startup of the rebuilt paper machine with new wet end automation is scheduled for the second quarter of 2016. The pulp mill quality improvement project, with new automation solutions is ongoing.

The automation delivery for the paper machine PM2 includes Valmet DNA machine and drive controls as well as a Valmet IQ Dilution Profiler. The latter is a profile control system for advanced positioning of the headbox valves to achieve the best possible weight profiles. All the solutions will be integrated within the Valmet DNA automation system, which is included in the order earlier announced.

The automation delivery for the pulp mill includes Valmet continuous cooking optimizers for both digesters, a Valmet Kappa analyzer, Valmet causticizing optimizer and a Valmet recovery liquor analyzer. All these solutions reportedly enable the mill to improve pulp quality and provide significant economic benefits.