An online summit planned for October will cover thermal management, heat transfer and energy transport — at all hardware levels from individual components to the Internet of Things. The 15th annual coolingZONE Thermal Management Summit for electronics thermal engineers will take place October 20-22.

Speakers will address the full spectrum of cooling from wearables to data centers. According to the event organizers, across three days of general presentations, engineers can gain a deeper understanding of electronics cooling across many thermal topics. Sessions include:

  • Data center predictive real time thermal management.
  • Computer server open bath immersion cooling.
  • The IceCool DARPA project.
  • Liquid cooling of 10 KW racks.
  • Cooling wearables and handhelds with flexible thermal ground planes.

Two separate technical courses also are offered: how to size, choose and deploy thermosyphons, and analytical modeling in thermal management design.