Through its APV brand, SPX opened a plate heat exchanger Service Center in Xidu, China, to enhance aftermarket support in the region.

The new Xidu Service Center will provide re-gasketing, refurbishment and dye-penetration inspection services to further extend plate heat xchanger life and ensure processes remain optimized. Refurbishment also can restore thermal performance and operating efficiency to original design levels.

The center will also support SPX's innovative Gappscan advanced-monitoring technology for the in-situ detection of micro cracks and holes that may cause leaks and reduced efficiency of heat exchangers and other vessels. The Gappscan system works without the need to dismantle systems, according to SPX. It provides the customer with an assessment of continued monitoring, planned repair interval or immediate shutdown needs. It has been shown to help reduce the risk of product contamination and lower overall production costs, says SPX. The certified process is carried out by a qualified SPX inspector, who can provide an immediate assessment of any action required.

To contact the Xidu service center, customers can send an email to or call +86 21 22085888.