The events will be held:

Detroit – September 11
Los Angeles – September 28.
Hartford, Conn. – October 5 
Paris – November 6
Birmingham, United Kingdom – November 9

Five Nadcap technical symposia offer an opportunity for companies that are not normally able to send a representative to Nadcap meetings to gain technical information that will help them better prepare for a Nadcap audit.

The specific technical focus will vary per symposium.

  • A chemical processing session is planned for Detroit, Los Angeles and Paris. Mike Graham, senior program manager for chemical processing, will present recommendations for audit preparation, a review of the top 10 non-conformance reports (NCRs), advice on conducting the onsite audit and an overview of NCR response guidelines. The presentation will also include a review of available resources including contacts.
  • A heat treating session is planned for Detroit, Hartford, Birmingham and Paris. Jerry Aston, associate program manager for heat treating, will present a general overview for preparing for a Nadcap heat treat audit. Included will be a review of the top 10 heat treating NCRs and a review of the heat-treat core (AC7102) and pyrometry (AC7102/8) checklists.
  • A nondestructive testing session is planned for Los Angeles, Hartford and Birmingham. Mark Aubele, senior program manager for NDT, M&I, ETG and AQS, will present a general overview for preparing for a Nadcap nondestructive testing audit. Included will be a review of the task group and its function, recommended audit preparation, Nadcap NDT audit advice, top five NDT NCRs and critical checklist issues.

In addition, Performance Review Institute, Warrendale, Pa., expects representatives from Airbus, BAE Systems, Bombardier, GE Aviation, Northrop Grumman, Rolls-Royce, Safran, Boeing Co. and UTC to attend one or more of these symposia to present the subscriber perspective on Nadcap. Local suppliers have been invited to share details of their Nadcap experiences from a “lessons learned” perspective.