Valmet will supply pulp-mill and board-machine quality-management solutions for Stora Enso's Varkaus Mill in Finland. The orders are an addition to the rebuild of the Varkaus mill's PM 3 fine paper machine supplied by Valmet to produce lightweight containerboard grades.

"After the upgrades of both pulp-mill and board-machine quality-management systems, the Varkaus mill will be able to fully exploit the rebuilt machine's performance potential," says Aki Korhonen, director of analyzers, measurements and performance solutions from Valmet.

The Valmet delivery includes its Kappa analyzer for the pulp mill and Valmet IQ quality control system (QCS) for the rebuilt board machine. The analyzer will provide all the necessary measurements of fibers, shives and kappa number for brown unbleached kraft production. Sampling capacity of the mill's Valmet Pulp Expert automatic pulp laboratory will also be expanded with five new samplers to accurately follow pulp property development in stock preparation.

The delivery also includes the quality-control system (QCS) for the rebuilt board machine with sensors for basis weight, moisture, caliper ash content and color. Additionally, four Valmet RM3 sensors will be supplied to measure wet-end consistencies and with the ability to monitor both total and true ash consistency from the process for active fines retention management. New modules will also be installed to the mill's existing Valmet paper laboratory and provide automated laboratory testing for key board quality parameters.