Lo-Density heaters provide environmental benefits that can help asphalt producers achieve sustainability goals, including NAPA’s Diamond Achievement Commendation and its new Diamond Achievement Sustainable Commendation, says the manufacturer. Unitized heaters can be interfaced and coordinated with other plant electrical equipment so that the load of the heaters can be reduced to base rates, thus preventing increased demand charges or peak-use rates and lowering consumption cost. The tank heaters can be installed into any tank or vat. They dissipate controlled heat Ñ as low as 3 W/in2 Ñ on the heater’s sheath to prevent coking or damaging of temperature-sensitive material. The heaters incorporate the company’s drywell-style elements that reside inside the sheath. This makes the elements accessible from outside of the tank and eliminating the need to drain the tank to service the elements.

Process Heating Co.