Bühler Group has won an order from Caffè Chicco d’Oro for a complete coffee roasting and grinding line. The integrated Bühler processing solution covers the entire processing chain, starting with the green beans and finishing with the end-product of roast and ground coffee.

The line involves optical sorting of the beans, pneumatic and mechanical conveying, storage, blending, roasting, grinding, de-gassing, and roast and ground coffee handling to the packaging lines. The core of the coffee-processing line is its roasting stage. Bühler’s InfinityRoast, which offers process flexibility and profile control, incorporates a unique design of the roasting chamber. Advanced process-control allows the user to set time-temperature master curves and adjust the air-to-bean ratio in order to achieve the best flavor characteristics and physical bean properties.

According to the Mineeapolis-based maker of thermal processing equipment, the technology will allow Caffè Chicco d’Oro to develop new coffee blends and flavor characteristics.