A three-year warranty will accompany all new thermal processing equipment purchased from Lindberg/MPH, Riverside, Mich.

It applies to any Lindberg/MPH equipment listed in the company’s quote to the customer. The warranty covers all materials for all components with the exception of wear items. Covered equipment includes:

  • Recirculation, exhaust and combustion blowers.
  • Burners, burner controls and all gas train components.
  • Temperature controllers.
  • High limit instruments and recorders.
  • Programmable logic controllers and human-machine interface touchscreens and related components.
  • Disconnect switches.
  • Power distribution blocks, terminal blocks, transformers, fuse blocks, selector switches and pushbuttons.
  • Pilot and beacon light assemblies.
  • Process and purge timers.
  • Solid state relays and silicon-controlled rectifiers.
  • Contactors and relays.
  • Alarm horns.
  • Pressure and limit switches.
  • Vent fans.
  • Power supplies.
  • Variable-frequency drives.

The warranty also includes labor for any defects in workmanship.