The bottling process in commercial breweries leaves residual oxygen in the top of the bottle after filling. This results in oxidation that reduces the beer’s shelf life and flavor.

A stainless steel inline heater developed by Heateflex is helping to remove the residual oxygen. The heater injects a small, precise amount of filtered water into each beer bottle to induce correct foam characteristics and displace oxygen. The heater connects to a jetting tip when installed in a beer filling subsystem in the plant's bottling line. The heating process keeps the jetting tip clean because the heat leaves it dry and sterile. It is constructed using an ASME-certified pressure vessel (U-stamped), and a patented sanitary fitting between the heating element cap and the housing further inhibits bacteria growth.

Dubbed Gambrinus, the inline heater has been installed and tested in a high-volume commercial brewery and bottling plant in the Southeast. The inline heater effectively reduced total package oxygen (TPO) in a beer bottle from 70 ppm to 30 ppm for that brewery.