Videos based on the combustion seminar the Industrial Heating Equipment Association (IHEA) has conducted annually for 46 years allow members of the organization to provide employee training at no cost. The educational videos based on the two-day course are available online.

Thirteen presentations are offered:

  • Fundamentals of combustion.
  • Furnace controls.
  • Process controls.
  • Optimizing combustion system performance.
  • Practical fluid flow and piping practices.
  • Premix and nozzle mix burners.
  • The basics of infrared heating.
  • Infrared heating applications.
  • Flame safety and sequence control.
  • Enhanced combustion efficiency.
  • Combustion systems and the environment.
  • Combustion troubleshooting.
  • Heat applications for low and high temperatures.

Non-members can rent the videos individually or as a complete collection. Visit IHEA’s website for more details.