Cryogenic freezing of par-baked goods allows industrial and commercial bakeries to extend their distribution range and serve new segments. Par-baked goods have grown rapidly over the past five years, notes Mark DiMaggio, head of food and beverage at Linde LLC, Murray Hill, N.J. Key to that growth is applying an immediate freeze after partial baking, which preserves product quality and freshness.

Hygienically designed cryogenic tunnel freezers and spiral freezers from Linde are among the systems being used for freezing par-baked goods on a continuous basis. A cryogenic tunnel freezer or a spiral freezer flash freeze using controlled blasts of liquid nitrogen (N2) or carbon dioxide (CO2). The quick freezing action preserves the shape and appearance of the product while helping to retain the baked dough structure and desired moisture level inside. One crossflow spiral freezer includes a high efficiency design that produces an even flow across the belt for higher yields and can deliver production rates up to 20,000 lb per hour. Learn more at