Primary construction of the first-ever 2 MW power oxidizer from Ener-Core Inc., Irvine, Calif., was completed in December. The unit was assembled on the industrial site of Combustion Associates Inc., Corona, Calif., and will be integrated with a gas turbine to create the first-ever fully integrated 2 MW Powerstation based on Ener-Core’s proprietary technology. Ener-Core markets its Power Oxidation technology and equipment, which generates clean power from low quality and waste gases.

The rated power capacity of the oxidizer is eight times greater than the power capacity of the current products that Ener-Core has installed to-date. This ramp-up in size represents a step forward for Ener-Core’s business and product offerings for two reasons, the company says. First, the volume of waste gas that can be used as a fuel to generate energy with this larger-size oxidizer is more closely aligned with the volumes that are produced by most of the industrial facilities within Ener-Core’s current commercial pipeline. Second, the economies of scale associated with this larger unit are expected to result in a significantly lower cost of power generation.

The 2 MW prototype unit will be used initially to complete the testing of certain operational performance parameters required by a purchase order received by Ener-Core in August 2015. This full-scale acceptance test (FSAT) is the final technical milestone of Ener-Core’s product scale-up efforts.